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What are Tactile Indicators and the Installation

Tactile indicators are used to help the blind and visually impaired people orient and remind them of some pending hazards or obstacles.

Several factors must be considered when selecting and installing the appropriate tactile directional indicators for a given environment.

First, you must evaluate the demand or requirement (usually performed and specified by the architect) of TGSI in a specific area. Installing TGSI in an area where it is not required may confuse the visually impaired. In this case, it may cause more harm than good vision and may lead to legal problems.

The brightness contrast between the TGSI and the substrate must be within a certain range, which depends on the type of the used TGSI. The failure to meet this requirement will reduce the effectiveness of TGSI. Also, it will not meet the requirements of the standard.

Another important factor is to ensure that the risk of slipping is minimized as much as possible.

When purchasing TGSI tactiles, it is best to ensure to select experienced tactile ground surface indicators suppliers /installers. An experienced supplier can provide the purchaser with the proper product selection, information on the best-fixing methods, as well as the equipment to be used, and proven durable products. Although the installation of tactile ground indicators is a relatively direct task (an appropriate task which is undertaken by the construction personnel), it is important to obtain the correct installation recommendations before installation. In addition to the initial cost of the product, durable fixings and beauty are also important. TGSI is providing the right product selection and installation procedures from the beginning, which will result in longer life of TGSI and save a lot of costs in a long period.

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