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What Are the Specific Functions of Manual Lifting Column?

Manual lifting column assists in the construction of a safe and peaceful government, and physical defense shows its power again. Government safety is of great importance, and various facilities are the primary targets of terrorist attacks. According to previous reports, we know that hijacking vehicles for destruction and attack is a common tactic, but the destruction caused by vehicle attacks is large and unpredictable. Therefore, it is urgent to control the danger by effectively intercepting the vehicles causing the accidents and keep it outside the safety line. The emergence of manual lifting column provides a solution to this problem by managing the entrance and exit security with the lifting column.

What role can the manual lifting column play? Presumably, everyone has such a question about the rising column. Installing retractable parking bollards at various entrance and exit areas can greatly enhance the security level of entrance and exit by using the linkage with other systems such as roadblocks. It can also solve the problem of ineffective interception when a vehicle rushes through for a long time.

Retractable parking bollards are the most important line of defense in protecting the safety of sites during emergencies.

When the vehicle enters during normal times, the gatekeeper can perform the lowering operation after registration, inquiry and verification. The manual lifting column has fast speed and can ensure the normal passage of vehicles. Speaking of obstructing vehicles, the current common means is the boom barrier, which can only play a warning role, and it is ineffective for intercepting vehicles. However, retractable parking bollards can effectively intercept vehicles due to its material and structural advantages. Of course, the vehicles at the entrance and exit of the government are generally unable to reach such a speed, so it can be said that any vehicle with lifting column wants to break in forcefully is impossible, which is the power of physical defense.

The role of manual retractable parking bollards

Currently, the manual retractable parking bollards plays an important role in on-site channel control, interception, and building decoration, and is used in many places. But do you know the specific functions of the manual lifting column? Let's take a look together:

The application of lifting columns in urban control

The application of lifting columns has a very important role in urban channel control. It can not only effectively control the direction and route of vehicles, but also play a management and control role in the passage of various entrances and exits, greatly reducing the cost of manpower input and ensuring the stability of social public safety. The scientific and modular application of lifting columns in urban transportation makes the channel control system more standardized and effective.

The role of lifting columns in high-security venues

Retractable parking bollards can play a good role in facing sudden events such as attacks and daily high-security control. Especially for high-security venues such as governments, nuclear power plants, airports, and oil depots, high-security lifting columns can implement effective management and interception of the mandatory destruction power in key areas of key venues, reducing property damage and ensuring personal safety to the lowest limit.

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