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Making the Most of Tactile Pavements in Cities

Blind way, as the name suggests, is a road facility designed specifically to help visually impaired people walk. It is made of specially designed bricks that, while bumpy and uneven for ordinary people, are a truly reliable and safe pathway for the visually impaired. As an important supporting facility for urban road construction, blind way aims to provide convenient and safe access for people with visual impairments. Whether or not blind way is unobstructed not only reflects a city's humanistic care for the visually impaired, but also serves as a measure of a city's level of civilization. However, city management personnel often find that some blind ways are occupied by electric vehicles, bicycles, and some vendors during routine inspections, rendering them useless. Therefore, many visually impaired people are afraid to use blind way, which is truly regrettable.

1. Visually impaired people are a vulnerable group and need special care from tactile paving.

Care comes not only from the system, although there are legal provisions, but they are often ignored, which is heartbreaking. Care also comes from each and every one of us. In urban construction, space should be reserved for people with disabilities to survive. We need to change the phenomenon of occupying tactile paving. It is important to increase publicity efforts, call on everyone to manage our cities together, and maintain facilities dedicated to people with disabilities. The entire society should care for vulnerable groups and create a good social style, which is also an important measure of social civilization, harmony, and progress. The relevant departments should strengthen supervision, improve and maintain blind way. This not only provides visually impaired friends with a safe and unobstructed travel environment, but also shows respect and care for them.

2. Blind way cannot become an area of management neglect.

Although there are not many visually impaired people traveling daily, whether or not blind way is unobstructed is not only related to their personal safety, but also a matter of face that reflects a city's civilization and quality. The construction of tactile paving is an important content of social construction and also reflects the soft power of urban culture. While improving their economic level, cities should pay more attention to improving the "tangible welfare" of their visually impaired friends. The more civilized society becomes, the more it should give priority to the interests of vulnerable groups. This is not only a matter of human conscience, but also the rational consciousness of the wisest beings in the universe. We need to strengthen management of blind way, increase the construction of blind way, and do a good job in post-maintenance management. Blind way can be a beautiful landscape in a humanized city full of warmth. Recognizing the importance of blind way is not a small matter, but a big one. Only in this way can Blind way be truly returned to visually impaired people and truly play its role.

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