What is Tactile Paving Used For (2)

In the location and entrance of major municipal facilities and buildings in the city, the all ceramic tactile paving road still needs to be laid separately. The specific location of the facilities for the visually disabled can be informed such as all kinds of sidewalks, city squares, bus station entrances, all ceramic tactile paving for pedestrian waiting bridge, buildings with upper and lower openings of underground sidewalks, underground railways, the edges of entrance platforms, obstacles on sidewalks, etc. In the ordinary environment with facilities, it is convenient for visually disabled to walk in the corner. For example, if setting it on the stone on sidewalk outside vertical edge, flower bed, wall and other facilities, it will be considered as a better way for the disabled to walk. People with visual disabilities go out for many purposes such as shopping, public transport stations, crossing crossroads, etc. The tactile paving is needed to guide the visually disabled. Through their different hearing and memory, they can distinguish the location.

Features of all ceramic tactile paving:
1. Environmental protection: safety, environmental protection without PVC components
2. Good wear resistance and long service life
3. Anti sliding: superior sliding performance and high safety
4. Elasticity: the floor is of long elasticity and comfortable foot feel
5. Reducing the absorption of footsteps and the function of sound absorption
6. Flame retardant: anti burn, no floor surface damage
7. Cleaning: it is easy to clean and it is of easy maintenance