How to Use Step Nosing in Kindergarten?

In daily life, the importance of stair slip resistance cannot be ignored. In particular, the anti-skid of kindergarten stairs should be paid more attention to. Among all anti-skid measures, the effect of step nosing is not bad. So how do kindergartens choose step nosing? Let's take a look at the relevant information.

Step nosing in kindergarten is made of steel plates with rhombus patterns or anti-skid tiles with concave-convex lines on the sides. If you only use cement, don't make it too smooth, you can also make some stripes to prevent slipping. It can also be a suspended assembly floor, which is non-slip and wear-resistant, and is not afraid of water, and the construction is also very convenient.

1. Laying carpet on the step nosing

Carpets of various colors can be laid on the step nosing. This method is common in high-end occasions. Although the colors are very beautiful, it is not easy to clean. Users can choose according to their own needs.

2. Install indicators on the stair treads

Stick 1-2 indicators on the edge of the tread plate, which can play a good anti-skid effect. Stair tactile indicators are generally 5cm wide, the surface is emery, and the friction is very large. The construction of indicators is very convenient and simple, and there are many kinds of colors, which can be selected according to needs.

3. Step board inlaid with step nosing metal strip

This method can play a good anti-slip effect, but it will become loose after long-term trampling. If it is loose, it is difficult to fix it with glue, and it is easy to produce stains, which will cause the part of the trampled part to be bright, and the other places to be dark and unsightly.

4. Apply anti-slip fluid on the step nosing

This has a good anti-slip effect on stones such as floor tiles and marble, and will not cause damage to the ground material. Because of the use of the principle of physical suction cups, it will firmly suck the soles of the feet when there is water to prevent slipping. It lasts for a long time and is easy to clean and hygienic, suitable for engineering and home use.

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