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Retractable Bollards Bring More Convenience and Wisdom to Our Lives

Retractable bollards not only control the separation of vehicles and pedestrians, but also play a big role in traffic management. Nowadays, we can see retractable bollards everywhere we go, which can either be fixed or fully automatic. Although it may seem like a simple object, these products manage traffic and pedestrians, greatly saving labor costs and improving efficiency.

Many retractable bollards now use card readers to manage vehicle access

Remote card readers are equipped for each vehicle, and when a vehicle enters the controlled area, the rising and falling columns automatically lower for the vehicle to pass. This greatly improves work efficiency and facilitates people's travel. We can also control the working time of the fully automatic retractable bollards. During the business operating hours in the daytime, all the columns automatically rise to ensure pedestrian circulation. At night, when the pedestrian street closes, the automatic retractable bollards will lower so that delivery trucks, cleaning trucks, and garbage trucks can enter. After all work is completed, the rising and falling columns will automatically rise at a specified time.

The protective effect of retractable bollards

You can control the rise and fall of the columns with a single click. This feature is highly popular in some important government agencies, such as bank exits. When a vehicle needs to pass through, it can be lowered by control, and it can be raised when there is no vehicle to play a protective role.

Fast and quiet

The lifting and lowering time can reach up to 3 seconds, far exceeding the equivalent specifications of pneumatic lifting columns, which is not surprising. Because it uses a hydraulic drive unit, the movement between lifting and lowering is soft and quiet, effectively solving the problem of high noise from traditional pneumatic lifting columns due to the operation of air pumps.

Sensitively controlled

It uses a multi-functional logic controller for control, which can adjust various different functions to adapt to different users' different needs. In addition, it is worth mentioning that its moving range is adjustable, and the user can control the height of the column. Nowadays, many factories and mining enterprises have installed retractable bollards, which can prevent vehicle collisions. The development of modern cities cannot be separated from the development of retractable bollards, which will only make our lives more convenient and intelligent.

Stainless steel retractable bollard is an equipment that controls the passage of road vehicles. It can be used together with the gate control system or used alone. The lifting column is mainly divided into three types: automatic lifting type, semi-automatic lifting type, and fixed type. The automatic lifting type is further divided into hydraulic lifting type and electric lifting type. It is specially designed and developed to prevent non-permitted vehicles from forcibly invading sensitive areas, and has high practicality, reliability, and safety. It is composed of a bottom base, a lifting barrier column, a power transmission device, a control system, and other parts, and has multiple configuration options to meet the functional requirements of various customers according to different needs.

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