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10 Tips for Selecting a Tactile Attention Indicator

The tactile floor indicators are rich in color, and its artistry and practicability are the highlights of the main construction. The quality of blind bricks varies in the market, so how should we choose high-quality blind strips? Next Xiongchang will teach you buying skills:

(1) Tap and listen to the sound: the tactile floor indicator with crisp sound is better than the blind track with dull sound.

(2) Put the two directional tactile indicators back-to-back and face-to-face to see whether they can be in close contact or have no gap, so as to judge whether there is warpage.

(3) Find the ink on the surface and scrub it after an hour to see if there are traces. If there is no trace, it is a good brick. If there is strong penetration, it should not be selected.

(4) Take the geometric length and width of the two bricks, and the size deviation of the bricks can be judged according to the diagonal deviation.

(5) Open a bag of unopened bricks and compare the color difference with the sample. No color difference is superior. There is a layer of glass on the surface of glazed tiles, which does not absorb water and dirt. There are small holes on the polished brick surface. The floor tiles that are easy to absorb pollutants can be compared with the following indicators: water absorption, wear resistance, acid resistance and pollution indicators.

(6) See whether the color of the blank of the tactile floor indicators are pure. Mainly observe whether the back color is uniform. The color of the blank is uniform and symmetrical, and the quality of the ceramic tile is better.

(7) Observe whether the particles in the cross section are good. Consumers should note that the cross section mentioned here does not refer to the cutting surface around the ceramic tile, but the fracture of fragments. Usually, the fracture is fine, hard and brittle, and the color is consistent.

(8) Pay attention to the thickness of glaze. Glaze is what we call the whole surface, and the thickness of glaze is the thickness of the cross section of glaze. Glaze is an expensive material. The thicker the glaze is, the better the quality of the directional tactile indicators are.

(9) Listen, tap and note if the sound is clear. If the sound is clear and pleasant, it is a good brick; If the sound is dull, it is a defective product.

(10) Water test. Consumers can pour some water on the back and pay attention to the speed of water absorption of the blind track. After a few minutes, look at the traces left by the water. After water dispersion, the ceramic tile with slow penetration has high density and no obvious water retention effect, so it is considered to be a top grade.

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