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Small Knowledge About the Lifting Column Mechanism

After years of continuous development and more than a decade of research, the lift column has gradually been replaced by pneumatics and electromechanics. In recent years, hydraulics has become the new favorite of the era, and hydraulic integrated lift columns have become mainstream with its constantly improving technology.

Importance of automatic security bollards coil

The lift columns on the market are mixed, and there is a large difference in price between them. What causes the difference between them? The height of the column is 600mm, the diameter is 219mm, and the wall thickness is 6mm, which are all the same. They won't tell you what kind of coil they use. Why is there such a difference in the price of products that are the same? When it comes to lift column coils, people who have bought lift columns should be familiar with it. Most of the damages to lift columns are caused by coil problems. Therefore, a good coil can ensure the service life of the lift column. A good coil can make the lift column more durable.

The hydraulic integrated lift column, the automatic security bollards coil is responsible for supporting the entire column, and the core power to lift and lower the lift columns is driven by the coil quality. For users, the faster the lift, the better, which does not prevent vehicles from entering and exiting. The longer the use time, the better. If it is broken in a year, it will definitely have a bad attitude toward psychological and manufacturers. Fast lifting and long service life are the only way to ensure that this is a good lift column and coil.

Identification of automatic security bollards coil quality

How do you determine if the lift column coil is good or not? The coil itself is composed of many precision components, and reliable manufacturers soak the lift column coil in water for 12 hours before installation to see if it leaks current. Because when it leaks current and shorts in the serial circuit, it will easily cause problems. The coil enters the water, and in rainy cities this can cause CNC anodized processing, making the metal shell of the coil have good waterproof and corrosion resistance and ensuring the durability of the coil.

The operation of the automatic security bollards coil requires hydraulic oil. Cheap hydraulic oil contains many impurities. Over time, the coil will be blocked by impurities, causing slow lifting, and over time, the lift column will be difficult to lift and even drop. Ordinary hydraulic oil cannot operate normally in cold places such as northeastern China. Reliable manufacturers will choose aviation hydraulic oil. In this way, it can operate normally even in -40°C weather. Moreover, the aviation-grade hydraulic oil contains almost no impurities, and the oil viscosity is more lubricating, which can better reduce the damage of the coil rotation shaft.

The automatic security bollards is a technological security product guarding safety. Every component in the internal structure of the coil must be of high quality, although the total price of the lift column will be relatively higher. But the product has a price, and personnel safety is priceless, so don't be greedy for cheap, and it is more cost-effective to buy that is more expensive but has a longer service life.

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