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What Should Be Considered When Choosing Automatic Rising Bollards?

1. There are many types of automatic rising bollards, how should we choose?

When purchasing automatic rising bollards, you must pay attention to the internal frame structure system. Many manufacturers on the market make false advertising, but in fact, many aspects are not mature enough.

Xiongchang automatic rising bollards use aluminum rail or steel track + square frame structure, which is more conducive to impact resistance.

2. Please pay attention to the following issues when purchasing automatic rising bollards

(1) The width of the channel: 

Different places of use can be controlled according to their actual needs. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to keep the center spacing of the automatic rising bollard no more than 1.5 meters. If you also need to intercept other smaller vehicles, you need to reduce the distance between road piles. 

(2) Traffic flow: 

This is one of the most important parameters for product selection, but users often ignore this parameter. First understand the annual/monthly total traffic volume and average daily traffic volume of the installation site. If the traffic volume is large, it is recommended to use a remote control lifting column; otherwise, you can choose a manual operation model.

(3) Frequency of use: 

It is necessary to understand the short-term traffic flow during the peak period of the use place. If it is only used frequently during the peak period, the road piles can be lowered for a long time.

(4) Rising speed: 

The speed of the automatic rising bollards can be adjusted, generally between 3-6s.

(5) The safety level of the place of use: 

Although all the lifting ballards have the function of blocking vehicles, the blocking effect of civilian products and professional-level anti-terrorism products is indeed worlds different. The heavier the automatic rising bollards, the more stable, and the better the anti-collision effect.

(6) Group management: 

Whether it is necessary to separate the lanes in and out, or to manage by lane groups, determines the configuration and selection of the entire control system.

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