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The Difference Between Semi-automatic Retractable Bollard and Automatic Rising Bollard

Retractable bollards are mainly divided into automatic retractable bollards, semi automatic retractable bollards and manual retractable bollards; automatic retractable bollards are divided into electro-hydraulic retractable bollards and pure electric retractable bollards. The automatic retractable bollard is mainly designed and developed for sensitive areas to prevent unauthorized vehicles from forcibly entering, with high practicability, reliability and safety. It consists of four parts: outer base, hydraulic lifting motion, bumping post, and electrical box control. According to different requirements, there are many control methods. So, what is the difference between semi automatic retractable bollard and automatic retractable bollard? Let Xiongchang introduce it to you.

1. What is the semi automatic retractable bollard?

The semi automatic retractable bollards are usually suitable for places with a higher requirement on safety. Due to economic considerations, they are often used in combination with automatic retractable bollards. It has higher safety protection and avoids the complicated construction of strong and weak electricity. It is an upgraded version of manual retractable bollards. The mechanically controlled retractable bollard of the semi automatic retractable bollard has no power supply and wiring. It is widely used to manage the entrance with a low frequency of use, that is, the intersection with sparse traffic vehicles.

The lowering of the semi automatic retractable bollard: use the key to open and release the mechanical device. Apply pressure on the top of the road pile, lower the bollard back to the ground, and lock it automatically.

2. What is the automatic rising bollard

The automatic rising bollard adopts integrated independent hydraulic drive, the cylinder is made of 304 stainless steel, and the lifting speed is about 3 seconds. The automatic retractable bollard is mainly used in some sensitive areas. The retractable bollard has a certain degree of anti-collision ability and resists serious collisions of vehicles. Automatic retractable bollard is installed on the ground to allow vehicles to pass when it is lowered. When lowered, it can be flush with the ground. The drive cannot even feel it when the vehicle passes through the piles. The automatic retractable bollard is an electric intelligent product, which is mainly used to control and block the passage of vehicles. It can be used together with the gate control system, or it can be used alone. At the same time, the automatic identification system can also be used to control the lifting of the retractable bollard highway pile.

The above content respectively introduces the semi automatic retractable bollard and the automatic retractable bollard, as well as the difference between the two and the use of them. I hope it can help everyone. If you want to know more about retractable bollard products, please contact Wuyi Xiongchang Hardware Manufacturing Co., Ltd!

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