Stainless Steel Paving with Stamping Pattern

Sunflower Stainless steel tactile Mat (XC-MDB6006K/6011K)

Dimensions: 300mm X 300mm X 6.0mm (1.2/ 1.5mm base, 4.7mm high tactile projections).
Material: 316L /304 stainless steel (one piece construction)
Colors: Stainless steel lustre, black surface finish.
Type: Hazard, directional.
Location: Indoor, outdoor
Luminous reflectance values (mean): stainless steel lustre model: 47.47. Black surface finish model: 6.30
Suitable substrates: Concrete, asphalt, ceramics, stones, woods, carpet, plastics, steel, aluminium.
Installation: Supplied pre-drilled ready to install
Notes: Useful for mechanical fix only applications. Durable and economical solution.

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Packing info of Steel Paving 

25pcs per carton, 800-1000pcs /Pallet

Stamping Pattern of Steel Paving

The following is a close look of our stainless steel tactile paving with stamping pattern.
Stainless Steel Paving with Stamping Pattern

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